Embarked Security Teams

Blue Border Holdings Ltd. unique experience enables us to understand the unique and complex challenges of operating in the maritime domain. Prior to the start of any project or transit, Blue Border Holdings works with our clients to design and implement security strategies that mitigate risk in a manner appropriate to the operating area and vessel type, these solutions include;

  • Armed Security Teams;
  • Unarmed Security Advisors;
  • Technical Security Solutions;

Blue Border Holdings maritime security officers are experienced professionals who deliver operational excellence, enabling our clients to conduct their operations in a safe and secure manner. Operating in a non-confrontational manner, using a layered defence system, our maritime security officers follow defined procedures to ensure their response does not compromise the safety of client vessels and crews.

Whether armed or unarmed our maritime security officers enhance the security measures onboard vessels by delivering a range of services, including comprehensive training to Masters and crew, raising awareness and building confidence on board, aiding the achievement of a safe and secure passage.

When appropriate- depending on risk; legal and environmental factors- Blue Border Holdings maritime security officers are equipped with firearms to be used in accordance with an escalation of force procedure that complies with national and international legislation and fits seamlessly into our non-confrontational, layered defence system.

Blue Border Holdings Maritime Security Officers provide:

  • Audits existing security measures to identify risks and guide improvements in accordance with BMP 4;
  • Crew Training that emphasizes watch-keeping and anti-piracy surveillance;
  • Vessel routing and counter-piracy advice;
  • Procedures compliant with international legislation and codes of conduct;
  • 24 hour support from our operational headquarters;
  • Full emergency response and communications plan.

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