Attempted Boarding – 33nm SSW 33nm SSW al Hudaydah

By: UKMTO on May 19, 2022 at 1:26 PM

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Reporting by UKMTO and MICA Centre indicates that a vessel was attacked whilst in transit 33nm SSW Al Hudaydah. It is understood that the vessel was approached by unknown individuals in 3 skiffs and several attempts were made to board the vessel. The vessel is understood to have avoided a boarding and departed the area.

Unverified reporting indicates the vessel is the Hong Kong flagged sailing vessel LAKOTA. The vessel can be seen in the Port of Djibouti on the 15th May 22 having registered an arrival time of 1305. The vessel then appears in Yemeni waters, SE of Hannish at 0300 on the 19th May. The vessel can be seen to transit towards the Yemi coast before proceeding NW. At a point north of Hanish the vessel is understood to have come under attack at approximately 0730UTC by three skiffs. Following the attack, the vessel is understood to have transited west into the Red Sea  broadcasting a destination of Panama Canal. A naval vessel is understood to be in support and crew are safe. 

Whilst details regarding the specific nature of the incident remain unclear, it is unlikely that the vessel was targeted as a result of an established and persistent piracy threat. Despite this Dryad Global have advised all vessels to avoid, where possible, waters East of Hanish and al Zubair, as a result of the extended war risk emanating from the conflict in Yemen. Incidents within the area have historically been recorded as suspicious approaches with a number of vessels detained by either Yemeni coastguard, SLC forces or in some instances Houthi rebels as was the case with the UAE flagged cargo vessel RWABEE in January 2022. It is important to note that the situation remains unclear, with questions existing around the provenance of the vessel and its intentions in transiting such an area. It remains a realistic possibility that the vessel was attacked as a result of an opportunistic attempt against a vulnerable vessel or was approached by Houthi forces known to be operating within the area.

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