Blue Border Holdings Ltd. is always on the lookout for skilled and experienced security professionals to fulfill operational roles. Specific requirements apply for maritime and land security roles.

Applicants for maritime and land security roles are expected to be in possession of:

• Minimum 3 years military services with an honourable discharge;
• In date passport;
• Be free of criminal convictions- and be able to supply evidence;
• Be in excellent health- applicants will be expected to undergo medical screening;
• Trauma medical training- FPOSI or equivalent;
• Experience of using firearms in protective security roles;
• Ability to speak, write and comprehend English;

Maritime Applicants are also expected to be in possession of:

• Seafarer’s medical cert- ENG1 or national equivalent;
• Yellow fever vaccination card;
• STCW95 Basic Training- all four modules;
• Commercial seamans book;
• Commercial discharge book;

Applicants with the following certifications and operational experience are highly welcomed:

• SSO cert;
• C&G8269 course cert;
• Maritime firearms competency;

Initially interested applicants are requested to email the requested documents and their CV to

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