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Blue Border Holdings Ltd. provides client focused, integrated security solutions enabling our clients to understand and mitigate their security risks. This may be in support of a project, period of change, expansion, or to address a specific security need. We assist our clients to exploit commercial opportunities while ensuring the security of their personnel and assets.

Blue Border Holdings leverages our in-depth awareness of complex operating environment and our understanding of our clients and the risks they face to create tailor made integrated security solutions that are responsive, innovative, flexible and cost effective, enabling our clients to fulfil their duty-of-care obligations and ensuring a secure working environment for their personnel and the security of their physical assets.

With our experience in providing risk mitigation for client personnel and facilities in the most challenging environments across the globe and based on in-depth situational analysis of the area in which the client seeks to operate, we implement an effective security strategy, balancing deterrence, protection, and acceptance. With our track record of providing a range of security solutions in complex environments, including VIP protection, facility and critical infrastructure security, our security solutions blend physical, technological and personnel to comprehensively mitigate any level of risk.

When the risk environment requires a personnel component in the security solution, we combine trained and trusted local personnel with expatriates experienced in providing risk management services in uncertain and hostile environments.

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