Terrorist attack – Mocha Port, Yemen

Date: 29/07/2017

Location: Mocha, Yemen

Time: TBC

Source: Al Jazeera

Yemen’s Houthi rebels have said they targeted a military ship belonging to the United Arab Emirates, part of the Saudi-led coalition fighting them in the country.

The ship, carrying military equipment, was arriving at Yemen’s Mocha port from Eritrea’s Assab port when it was attacked, Houthi officials said on Saturday.

The Saudi Press Agency, citing a statement by the coalition, said that Houthis used an explosives-laden boat, which struck the pier close to a group of ships at Mocha.

It added that there were no casualties or any substantial damage.

UAE vessel is the third ship belonging to the coalition to be targeted off Yemen’s western coast since the beginning of 2017, according to AP news agency.

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