Somali Pirates Hijack Tanker in Indian Ocean (Update No.2)

Date: 13.03.2017

Nature of Report: Security

Position: Lat.12*01.67’N, Long.051*27.25’E


Source: Asket

Blue Border Holdings Somalia based sources have confirmed that the hijacked vessel is heading to Ras Asayr or Caluula. Both coastal towns are run by the notorious Isse Yulux and the Ali Saleban clan, supporters of IS in Somalia which is led by Sheikh Muumin, a cousin of Isse Yulux. Our sources have also confirmed that the vessel has been hijacked by a distant cousin of Isse Yulux who is claiming to be a “fisherman who is angry with the over fishing of Somali water”.


Somali officials say pirates have hijacked an oil tanker in the Indian Ocean and guided it to the coast of Puntland region.


Sources tell VOA’s Somali service that the ship is believed to be a merchant tanker flying the flag of the United Arab Emirates.


Regional officials say they are still assessing the circumstances of the hijack, which took place Monday.


Sources said at least eight suspected pirates were involved in the attack, adding that the ship moved toward the coast of Somalia in the vicinity of the coastal town Ras Asayr.


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