We Are Recruiting!

We Are Recruiting!


Position: Maritime Security Operators (MSO)


Eligible applicants are expected to be in possession of:


  • Minimum 3 years military services with an honourable discharge;
    • In date passport;
    • Clean CRB;
    • Be in excellent health- applicants will be expected to undergo medical screening;
    • Trauma medical training- FPOSI or equivalent;
    • Ability to speak, write and comprehend English;
    • Yellow fever vaccination card;
    • STCW95 Basic Training- all four modules;
    • Commercial seamans book;
    • Commercial discharge book;
  • MSO course C&G8269 or equivalent;
  • Maritime firearms competency;

Initially interested applicants are requested to email the requested documents and their CV to info@maritimelandsecurity.com

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